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Default What Are The Ripple Effects?

There's an obvious need to bolster the Offensive Line this offseason. In particular I think we see a glaring need to address the interior of the offensive line. But what I haven't seen addressed and a topic that we should really be discussing is what are the ripple effects?

For example, we have all seen mocks, or participated in a discussion, or saw someone else talking about drafting this player to take over at Guard/Center. Names like Warmack, Jones, Cooper, Warford, Bailey, Frederick, Winter. All these are players who could step in and contribute day one right?

Most of these names are Prospects who would address the need at Right Guard. If your selecting one of these players your using one of your premium 1-3 range picks for such a player. You wouldn't want to use that pick on someone who's not going to contribute right away.. Right?

Say you draft Warford in the second round, he could come in right away and play RG. What happens to Kuper? Surely he doesn't get paid almost $5 million dollars to be a back-up. Even if he took a pay cut, a $3 million dollar back-up? Well then Warford is your back-up right? But that's another second round premium pick on a player not contributing right away (Osweiler) catch my drift?

Say we draft DJ Fluker. He could no doubt step in day one and be the starter at RT. Franklin could kick inside to guard, or Fluker could even play RG. But what happens to Kuper? Again that's to high of a price tag for a back-up. But when healthy, Kuper is one of our better offensive linemen. Could he play Center or LG? Sure he could, frankly he could upgrade either position. But that would stunt the development of Walton/Beadles. Even though Beadles was a pro bowler and showed good improvement, Kuper would no doubt be better at LG than Beadles. Same thing with Walton, Walton showed great improvement prior to his injury, but who are we kidding Koppen was brought in and Blake drafted to push/replace Walton.

If you draft an early RT or RG, this will cause ripple effects in the OLine. Kuper either moves to Center, LG, takes one serious pay cut to be a back-up, is traded, or even released...

Let's discuss...
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