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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
I like all of those guys, but only Cooper would be value there.

Hopkins is terrific, but the sheer amount of guys JUST like him coming out in this draft makes him a horrible value even at 28.

Matt Elam is also a good S, but he scares me taking in the first round. He is not the Ed Reed TO machine and he is small and Hits Like Bob Sanders. I worry if he can stay on the field at the next level. He might be worth it for awhile, but long term Not sure first rounder value.
I think Elam is going to move up boards once people start really evaluating tape. Kiper has already moved him up to #25 on his latest Big Board. I understand your concerns about him staying healthy based on his size and the way he plays (as I mentioned, the similarities to Bob Sanders are what I love about him), but he hasn't had any seriously issues at the collegiate level, and while he is a smaller safety, he's still bigger than Sanders was.

The WRs are kind of hard to order right now. As you indicated, there's a cluster of five or six at the top who are very similar prospects. But, in terms of value, I think sometimes when get too caught up in projections. For instance, saying something along the lines of "there are several WRs with similar grades as Hopkins, therefore you can get a similar player for later at better value." The problem with this line of thinking is that it forgets that some (if not most) of these guys aren't going to pan out at all. The trick to identify which ones will. I'm convinced Hopkins will be one of the success stories, so I'd have no problem with him late in round 1. You mentioned Hilton earlier...if there were a redraft today, do you think A.J. Jenkins would still go ahead of him? Last year, they were viewed as very as similar prospects, but only one made any impact. That's the trick. I think Hopkins will be able to make a Hilton-like impact right away, especially with Manning at QB.
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