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Pot Roast


The addition of Sam Montgomery, as a true, strongside 4-3 DE, gives the Broncos pass-rushability out of any formation, and increases their ability to defend the edge against the run.
Took a look at him like I said.
First read Rangs analysis, both good and bad.
Good closing speed, holds his edge well. Evident in the vids that I saw.
A little slow off the snap, also saw this.
Poor change of direction, I didn't see this , but nobody looks bad in a Hi Light film.
Has trouble with shifty rbs, and trouble w/cut blocks, didn't see this either.

Will be watching for his agility numbrs at the combine.

Also I am a believer in production.
His numbers this last year are;
TT- not in the top 100.
TFL-#55(not bad)
Sacks- #33 (pretty good)
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