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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
People think we can replace Clady with a Draft pick...
IIRC. Clady was draft pick. Replaced a long time starter.

Something different that OMG a rookie could replace him for one hell of a lot less money.

Look I know your bromance with him and all.

But it happens all the time. Players move on and the world does not end.

Hell the GOAT QB was cut last year and OMG a rookie led them to the playoffs this year.

Y'all seem to think that the OLT spot has to be a GOD. That because it used to be an elite position because they had to watch the QBs blindside for ever when almost all teams had drop back QBs that routinely had 5-7 step drops.

Time to wake up folks almost all the teams today make most snaps from the shotgun, and few if any have 7 step drops. That or even the newest thing in the nfl is the read option.

Paying one guy 10%+ of the cap for a dying spot is nuts.

At best this year he gets tagged until they have the real lowdown on IF he healed up and IF they clear more cap space next year.

Although having 24 current players under contract for 2013 that are going to be UFA a year from this time means even if the money gets bumped they are in the same spot they are today. CAP POOR.

Once again it is going with the premise that Pat allows them to spend every dime that the cap allows. Which he has not atleast the last four years.

The only way to reduce salary is to make sure you hit every rookie choice and keep those rookie contracts as long as yoi can.


Ya still think clady gets a fat contract?
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