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Originally Posted by Pseudofool View Post
You'd just have to pay more for food. Tipping zero percent is never okay.
No, what's not ok is bad service. Tipping has always been a way to show appreciation for good service, basically a job well done. I often tip 30 to 50%, I truly appreciate someone who goes above and beyond to make my visit special.

I will even analyze poor's late in the day, it's extremely busy. Poor service doesn't always mean bad service, it's someone doing the best they can under the circumstances and I will tip them at least 20%. But rudeness and bad service are intolerable. Whether you want to work there or not, if you are pissed at the low wages, if you want to make the money you can in tips, then earn it or find another job. It's not my job to support you, it's yours.
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