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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
Amazing athlete in space for his size. He reminds me of watching Alan Branch (Seahawks DT) in high school. Just defies physics when a big kid is that agile.

A Hawaii fan on another board mentioned that he can also dunk a basketball two handed at 6'2" 300 + pounds. Pretty damn impressive.

That being said, no way in hell this kid will make it as a feature RB at the D1 level. Look at how slow his reaction is off of the snap and how upright he runs. Maybe he could be a goaline/situational back, but my guess is they stick him on the D-line, where he has a chance to be a really good 4-3 DT, He's not running over 208 pound DE's and 195 pound Mikes in college. A decent FBS 245 pound LB with a 5-7 yard running start would blow up his knees off of the snap.
I was wondering about the 350 lb claim. Looks a solid 3 but I don't know about 3 1/2.
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