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Originally Posted by MariusPontmercy View Post
The money up front and the stock market is essential....

So internet is 16 points.... what would a subscription to the New York Times/The Economist cost?
No not really, lets say you get a cell phone for 3 points and have your buddy take out a loan up front with the guarantee of $10 million in 10 years, which comes out to something like 10,000,000/(1.01: roughly libor)^10 = roughly $905,000. The fact is in this hypothetical there is very little risk to the bank since there is no chance that the money won't come out unless you die which will compare most favorably with other lending risks (since it clearly says ur forced into the basement for 10 years, so ur getting the money alive or dead).

Your buddy can be working with 800K to 900K upfront that he can then give to money manager that takes a cut to manage it for you all the while you bang out a hot piece of 18 year old ass.

Guys, its not that hard, you take sex, food, and medicine and you don't look back.

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