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The Defense

Ok, so me and the wife went to the Olive Garden tonight. I was really going to try and tip a nice 20%. Waiter was nice and all, but all he did was take our order, bring our drinks, and bring our salad and breadsticks. Someone else from the back brought us our meal. He checked on us twice and I had to ask for a refill with him standing there looking at my empty glass. Oh yeah, he brings us the check not 5 minutes after we get our meal. Like hurry up, eat and get out. lol. Our meal was $54 and some change. I tipped him $5.00 and that seemed like too much to me for his service. He probably put in a total of 10 minutes worth of work at our table, if that. So that comes out to 30 bucks an hour for him off my tip. Not to mention the other 4 or 5 tables he was working. Hope he enjoys it.
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