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A number of loopholes or interesting side effects, for those bored and interested:

-the greenhouse/garden, as already mentioned, is a source of light that far outstrips the skylight. it is also possible to grow any number of fruit, vegetables, or even drugs in the garden.

-$10 million is a pittance compared to the money you could make from some of these options, including unlimited drugs, the library (more on that later), every movie, etc.

-the doctor counts as human interaction. there also appears to be no limit on visits/calls. barry bonds is also human interaction, which everyone seems to be forgetting. is sex with the girl worth 11 points over bonds? there is no telling how terrible or annoying she could be. barry bonds is also worth bonus points if you are a woman (or a persuasive gay man).

-the radio brings with it news from the outside world, which cuts into the value of the internet. same with the TV.

-every video game ever made would also come with a cell phone and a many, many computers, though it is possible they would not be able to do anything save play the games in question. there are, however, a great deal of games that require an internet connection in order to function, which would presumably be provided. facebook games and the like are also an open question.

-the gun is completely pointless. there a million other ways to kill yourself and/or the girl, the dog, or barry bonds

-if the girl is willing to have sex with you, she is able if not willing to get pregnant as well. you may be able to convince her to start a family in your basement empire. the same holds for barry bonds for the women.

-the library with every book ever published presumably also contains all works that are lost or otherwise no longer extant, which is both an incredible boon to scholarship and global culture, as well as a means of making obscene amounts of money.

-the library should be picked by anyone with an adventurous mindset or a proclivity toward cabin fever, even if they are entirely illiterate. a library which contains every work ever published would be an impossibly colossal structure. it is likely you would not even be able to explore it fully in the ten years given to you. the downside of this is the inability to even obtain certain books without tremendous or even potentially impossible effort, which cuts into the value of the library in some sense. there may, however, be extraordinary automated book delivery systems in place. or the library may be magical. and really, who the **** wouldn't want a magical library?

-the workshop could allow you to construct a number of the other options, including the pool table, the model train, and large portions of the workout room. this only holds if you are talented, of course, and while ten years is a lot of time it is not an eternity. the library would also come with innumerable books aiding you in your attempts to become a skilled blacksmith/carpenter/whatever, as well as the plans for anything ever made for which plans were made public. along similar lines, the library also doubles the kitchen recipe list, provides all written info on gardening and cultivation, and houses extraordinary technical information regarding all of the mechanical or digital objects on this list, which may be used to extend or enhance their functionality.

-the internet, the library, and the all movies/shows options also provide endless amounts of pornography.

-coupling the money up front with the internet would allow you to purchase anything which is sold online, provided you could have it delivered to your basement empire. coupling the internet with any of the other money making options on this list could have the same effect. one of the benefits of these possibilities is increased human interaction. I'm sure we can all think of plenty of ways to turn money into various people arriving at our doorstep.

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