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I've been trying to bring you guys along one step at a time. But Lord knows, you can bring a horse to water -- but you can't make him drink.

I said from the start that Venus was only part of it -- that the real issue was much bigger -- and has to do with making the shift to the next paradigm.

I believe that the top tier of scientists today understand that the Big bang and the ice comet model are dead.

The problem is that these scientists - work for the federal government, or for large corporations, or they are dependent for their funding on the federal government. Many of them work on secret projects -- and all of them have signed security oaths not to talk about what they do -- or know.

These three categories cover almost all top scientists working today.

The remaining scientists -- second and third tier scientists -- are not privy to the leading edge of research in the black world -- and continue to promote obsolete science.

We need a new policy of glasnost - openness. The government must open up and share the advanced technologies and knowledge on the cutting edge.

I don't expect it to happen -- unless a tidal wave of indignant citizens demand it.

Now...on to Venus...

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