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Here's my cut: You are going to have a ton of time to kill, so the full kitchen, garden, library, and workshop seem like good bets. An 18 year old is going to get super annoying, unless you are really fortunate. It seems the only way to watch Bronco games is the 52" TV package. If there was a cheaper way to do that, I might switch. I'm also banking on sunshine with the greenhouse and hygiene with the medical care. Internet access with the cell would be a plus, but I'm not expecting it.

- Full kitchen, unlimited amounts of the finest ingredients and an iPad that is programmed with every recipe on the planet (iPad for recipe use only) 6 points
- Garden with greenhouse. 2 points
- Medical care from the medical school of New Delhi. 2 points
- Workshop with industrial tools, drawing table and supplies. 6 points
- A cell phone that can only be activated one day a week. 3 points
- Library and study with every book ever published. 4 points
- 52" TV with all the cable channels and premium packages. 7 points
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