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Malik Jackson

Okay. Got it. 30 points for the $10 million. Once I have the 10 mil, girls won't be a problem, so in the meantime the trick is to stay alive, in shape, and healthy:

Mayo clinic - 3
Hygiene/Jacuzzi - 3
Kitchen with all the goods (healthy food) - 6
Skylight (need sunlight) - 2

And for exercise:
(A study and library that can hold every published work is going to be enormous, so I can just go jogging in there every day. Not to mention all the reading, plus take the ten years to write a book or three) - 4

For mental health:
Sound system (got to have music) - 4
Garden and greenhouse (hobby) - 2
Train Set (another large area to exercise plus hobby) - 2
Pool table (entertainment) - 1
Cell phone - (Got to have human contact) - 3
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