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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
You're being dishonest, Doc. You know perfectly well that no one is "celebrat[ing] geriatric rapists." What's being (rightly) lampooned is how the gun nuts think everyone who's packing morphs into Dirty Harry. Everyone walking around cocked and loaded doesn't solve anything, as this incident sadly demonstrates. Save the sanctimony.
No the morphing into dirty harry is a liberal idea. vast majority of gun owners hope to never have to use them. Also we now that the gun does not give us 100% protection. We only say at places where only the bad guy had a gun, that maybe if someone else had a gun things could have been different.

This thread did use a rape of a woman to make a point people are feeble even with guns. We only say at least the poor old woman had a chance. I hope some women read that story and if god forbid they have same encounter they won't hesitate and it works out better for them.
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