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Pat Bowlen

If I was going to do it, I'd do it this way. Full hermit mode.

- A functioning microwave with microwaveable meals only 2 points
- Full kitchen, unlimited amounts of the finest ingredients and an iPad that is programmed with every recipe on the planet (iPad for recipe use only) 6 points
- 52" TV with all the cable channels and premium packages. 7 points
- A skylight which will provide sunlight in your basement. 2 points
- Add all video games that have been released and new releases over time. 4 points
- Workout room with weights, treadmill, basketball court and batting cage. 5 points
- Hygiene products and a jacuzzi bath tub. 3 points
- Medical care from the medical school of New Delhi. Upgrade to Mayo Clinic doctor for +1. 2 points

I'd make my own food, use the microwave in pinches. I'd have hygiene, health care and a way to exercise. The TV would keep me abreast of the news, and video games would pass time. I would try and get some sun from the skylight. I took the upgraded medical care and would try and get what little human interaction from my regular medical exams. In this scenario I would get all ten million.

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