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- Full kitchen, unlimited amounts of the finest ingredients and an iPad that is programmed with every recipe on the planet (iPad for recipe use only) 6 points
- 52" TV with all the cable channels and premium packages. 7 points
- A cell phone that can only be activated one day a week. 3 points
- Library and study with every book ever published. 4 points
- Unlimited drugs. 5 points
- Hygiene products and a jacuzzi bath tub. 3 points
- Garden with greenhouse. 2 points

Got everything I need outside of p***Y....and I'll use my hand for the next 3,650 days, not including leap years....I'll abstain from jerking off on every February 29th.

I'd love the Internet, but it's too expensive and I can get by on tv and books.

I wanted the workout equipment, but I'll get by on running back and forth in my basement like a caged animal and doing pushups and other other exercises I can make up using things in the basement.

I can eat great, have a nice hobby with my greenhouse, read, watch TV, talk once a week on the cell phone to keep in touch....and with unlimited drugs, I'd probably choke to death on my own vomit on Day 4.

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