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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
Two options I've come up with:

Option 1:
- A functioning microwave with microwaveable meals only 2 points
- A stunningly attractive 18 year old. She will have sex with you. 18 points
- Surround sound system with all recorded music. 4 points
- Unlimited booze. 5 points
- Unlimited drugs. 5 points
- Hygiene products and a jacuzzi bath tub. 3 points
- HD camera. 3 points

40 points and $0.

Option 2:
Full kitchen - 6 pts
Library 4
Garden 2 (combined with workshop can make whiskey and drugs)
Workshop 6 (can make my own pool table, gun, model train set, workout equipment)
Hygiene/jacuzzi 3 pts
Music 4
Warehouse 2 pts
Phone 3 pts

30 points and $10 mil.
Good point for your option #2 since you haven't been laid in 10 years anyways, you won't miss it.
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