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Originally Posted by driver View Post

I'll have to take a look at his youtube vid's.
He's a much better pass-rushing prospect than Chandler Jones, who went #22 overall in 2012 (with a similar body-type). He also has good run-stopping ability, and get's lot's of TFL's.

Montgomery is a 6'5" guy who could crack into the 4.5's at the combine. I expect him to hurdle Ezekiel Ansah, Alex Okafor, Dion Jordan, and Datone Jones before the draft. If the Broncos have Montgomery, they would be guaranteed to get pressure out of a 4-man Defensive front of Miller, Montgomery, Wolfe, and Dumervil. Can't double everybody heh heh.

To get him, I think the Broncos are going to have to trade up, just like the Patriots traded up last year. The NT's that are ranked so high right now by wannabe scouts (like Mayock), will fall just like the DT's from last year fell. 320 lb. run stopping NT veterans aren't hard to come by (take Kevin Vickerson for example). 6'5" DE's who can run in the 4.5's are VERY hard to come by. Montgomery is a good football player, he's not just an athletic freak. Ezekiel Ansah is a hope and a dream. Alex Okafor doesn't have closing speed, and doesn't use his hands very well. Dion Jordan, is more like an OLB. Sam Montgomery is the real deal. He was clocked in the 4.4's in high school.

Flacco would have been pulverized by Montgomery on the bomb to Ford. He has elite closing speed. Ayers had no effect on the play. Almost there, but not quite.

It's only a matter of time before Montgomery goes flying up draft boards. I would pick him top 20 in this draft. He is the exact size and speed as Neil Smith...he's got moves too. The fact that all the national ranking sites have Montgomery ranked no higher than #30 is baffling. Seems like they are all more interested in finding the next obscure athletic freak, whose projections are based more on potential than actual results. It's like they are all searching for the next tweener Von Miller, or small-school JPP.

Weird how guys like Bjoern Werner and Damontre Moore are sure-fire top 5's...but Sam Montgomery is barely a 1st rounder? Give me a break. Group think at it's worst. It's like Bellichick took over all the national sites. He copies other people (like Coughlin), and extreme reaches on guys. They are all starting to do that too. That's what happens when you think you try to outsmart every one else and ignore the obvious.

Until the next bespectacled 250 pound country boy with a watermelon and chicken tattoo comes out, who just happens to run a 4.42 forty...there ain't gonna be another Von Miller. Get used to it.

The Broncos had real problems with edge pursuit last year. Miller's continuous presence on the line, the vulnerability of Dumervil against the run, and the relatively slow footspeed of Wolfe, Vickerson, and Bannan...amplified by the fact that both Woodyard, and Brooking are somewhat easily blockable, exposed the Defense at times. Allowing Rahim Moore to focus merely on the center-field (instead of having to constantly peek in the backfield to guard against big runs), free's him up to do what he does best. Allowing Wolfe to shift to UT, allows him to do what he does best. And allowing Von Miller to not be double-teamed every time he rushes the passer, makes him a lot more effective.

The addition of Sam Montgomery, as a true, strongside 4-3 DE, gives the Broncos pass-rushability out of any formation, and increases their ability to defend the edge against the run.

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