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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
As I said, I'd prefer us to wait. I think Markus Wheaton is going to be a damn good player and would take him in the second if he was still on the board.
You're right about Markus Wheaton, Req. The dude is money. I know CB is a real big need for the Broncos. There are only a few CB's that could pry me away from Wheaton at #58 if he's there.

Acquiring Wheaton would enable the Broncos to move Decker in to the slot, and would take the lid off the Defense. It would be a real game changer for the Broncos Offense. Wheaton has great YAC ability, good hands (though he lets it get into his body sometimes), and 4.44 speed (2nd fastest WR in this class).

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
In due time

We still have a draft to do, but there are more guys I like at WR this year than in seasons past.
Dude, just give us one name that you're looking at. It's a pre-combine pick.
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