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Beavis, I know you're smarter than you're putting on here. That or your pride is ****ing with you, not wanting to admit how wrong you are.

Again, this is very simple. Stop your flailing and rambling which is further proving my point and further defeating yours (whatever it is, which is uncertain). As incompetent as those police officers were the gen pop is going to be more incompetent. So obviously it is in everyone's best interst that there are fewer guns in the hands of the gen pop, not more. Do you disagree with this very simple premise?
"Street Justice" is what one of the lawyers involved called it. It's really a product of the Police force deciding they weren't going to apprehend their suspect, but assassinate him. They made themselves the law. And they were so jacked up for it, they lost their cool. No opportunity to surrender, or even identify.

It's lynch-mob mentality in the 21st century. And the more relative power over the population police wield, the more of this you'll see. Mind you, not all cops are wired like this. Tons of great guys/gals out there. But even they'll tell you there's a good number of cops out there who went into Police work for all those wrong reasons.

In the end they need be held just as suspect as the rest of us.
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