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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
Make a choice between the following situations:

Situation 1: anonymous granny confronts home invader and would-be rapist with semi-auto high capacity gun, kills intruder with said gun after 30 shots. NRA exploits situation and publicizes this scenario as a reason to own a semi-automatic gun with high capacity magazine and vote republican. Majority of populous votes republican based only on this issue.

Situation 2: gun wielding anonymous granny is overpowered by home invader and raped in spite of her gun. Liberals successfully use situation as a reason to convince populous to vote democrat and strict gun control.

Which situation would you choose?
No thanks, but it does prove my point that you are being myopic about what I posted

First I reject the notion of your binary proposal, that there are only two outcomes, especially based off the context of what I wrote.
Second I also reject your forced choice outcome.

Iíll take a third option, one in line with my beliefs and what I posted.

The minute the dude entered her house he forfeited his right to life in my opinion. 71 year old grandma now has a range of options available to her from doing nothing, to maiming, to dismembering him piece by blown away piece, or a killshot. Police come, congratulate her on her choice and marksmanship clean up and go home. She gets whatever assistance she needs, if any, to cope with the fact she chose to kill a guy. Story makes newspaper, she gets town support and it ends there. No politics, no grandstanding no making her a poster child for anything.

So Iím curious what would you choose?
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