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Pot Roast


Speed. Beal is even slower than Wolfe (and will never see the field). Ayers has never been a sackmaster, he just doesn't have the moves. Jackson has potential, but is also quite slow. Sam Montgomery is ultra-fast for a man his size and reminds me of Neil Smith. I really think he is a 8-10 sack per year player in the NFL. Can't pass that up, if he's there at #28

I'll have to take a look at his youtube vid's.

The Broncos real needs in this draft are: 1 DL, 2 CB's, 1WR, 1 SOLB, and 1 Kicker.
My wish list has 1cb 2 safeties a ILB 1wr and a couple of ol.
Also I'd like to get a couple of rb's in the later rounds, Burkhead and Davis maybe.

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