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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by driver View Post

Never thought of myself as an optomist before.
I don't like it!

Please Stop accusing me of this heresy!

But seriously you don't think there are any 9 ranked players in this draft?
Not even my 2 examples Warmack and Joeckel??
Both are the 7.5 along with 2 others IMHO. I am NOT as high on Joeckel as some scouts are to this point. In fact, I think he is tremendously overhyped right now. He really is the closest thing to Elite though in the draft and it makes people think he is Ryan Clady good coming out. I think he has a few things that keep him from being an 8.0 type guy, like not getting beat by inferior competition with power. The power guys are going to be a rude awakening for him at the next level.

I like Warmack but the guys next to him were damn good too. It is hard to grade him one on one because he was part of tremendously talented and Massive OL that pushed people around and worked so darn well together. I think as a run blocker he's everything you would want. However, there were times the pass blocking broke down and Warmack was right there. Not the dominant pass blocker at LG you want right now.

So, while I like both of them, none of these guys are gauranteed All pro types to get that kind of grade.
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