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Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
That report you mentioned from Denver post was pure conjecture and writers opinion. I don't recall seeing anything in that article that was not journalism subjectiveness (i.e. throwing **** on the wall and seeing if it sticks). I know, because I inaccurately posted it here.
I don't doubt that Irving has been moved to MLB. I also don't doubt that the Broncos told him he would have the chance to compete to start in 2013. No reason to make up either claim.

Brooking didn't stand out in 2012, but I think the Broncos were happy with him. Irving can play better than Brooking. Besides the 14 year age difference, Nate has the ability to blow plays up in the backfield that would make Old man Brooking's hamstrings quiver. If the Broncos were comfortable trotting out Joe Mays, they'll be ecstatic about starting Nate Irving.

Irving stacks up well against any MIKE that you're going to find at #58 or lower in this draft.
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