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Originally Posted by driver View Post

T austen scare's me, like all small players. some big cb.fs. or lb is going to blind side him, he will go flying at a relatavistic speed and disappear into another dimension. Bye,Bye with our high draft pick.
For me, Austin represents a high-risk/high-reward type player. Though it may be more practical to wait until the 2nd round for Markus Wheaton (who is also fast). There is something really alluring about a guy (Austin) who has 4.38 speed, and has the body control that he does.

Originally Posted by driver View Post
As for Sam Montgomery what do you see that Beal, Jackson, or Ayres doesn't have?
Speed. Beal is even slower than Wolfe (and will never see the field). Ayers has never been a sackmaster, he just doesn't have the moves. Jackson has potential, but is also quite slow. Sam Montgomery is ultra-fast for a man his size and reminds me of Neil Smith. I really think he is a 8-10 sack per year player in the NFL. Can't pass that up, if he's there at #28.

Originally Posted by driver View Post
I think our best bet is trade back into the 2nd, as high as we can of course,and pick some extra late round picks.
Or they could trade up a few spots, and target the guy they want in the 1st round. The Broncos real needs in this draft are: 1 DL, 2 CB's, 1WR, 1 SOLB, and 1 Kicker.
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