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Keep back pedaling. You look like Rahim Moore on that 70 yard Flacco to Jacoby Jones debacle!

The point it blatantly clear. If trained police officers demonstrate such ineptitude, imagine the mayhem if such weapons were prevalent in the hands of amateurs. In other words, you're making a clear case for more control over such weapons, not less. This really isn't that hard to figure out.
This is hilarious. 7 cops on the lookout for a black man in a Grey Toyota open fire on two Latinas in a Blue Nissan, and your response is "Imagine what wooooodah happened without all that gummint traynin theys got"

Every one of them is a danger to the public should be out of a job. Instead they'll probably get a paid vaca... err I mean 'suspension' I mean cuz all's they need is some more government trainin. You know, so the State can impart the wisdom ta not open fire on vehicles without having any idea who's inside. I wonder if that's like a true or false question on the test, or if it's more of an essay type question.

You really do want to keep layering the planet in rubber padding until the day when there are no more retards (the end of time) don't you? Problem, though. what happens when the authorities aren't just retarded, but corrupt? Please tell me you believe that doesn't happen.

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