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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
If Perry doesn't start scoring, there wont be big offers for him elsewhere. He is turning into Getzlaf from last season.

Also, Anaheim #1 in the Western Conference and Ovie is a coach killer.
well in fairness to Ovechkin, look at the anaheim stable of forwards. Boudreau has a lot to work with like he did here initially, then they psyched themselves out and started to bring in grinders and lesser skilled guys and they asked Boudreau to go more defensive.

Once Boudreau tried to change his style and become captain blood, the players tuned him out.

It was just time for a divorce. No way do the caps beat the Bruins last spring with Boudreau at the helm. Dale Hunter got them to grind, be mentally tough, be physical and run through a wall.

Boudreau still has a lot to prove in the playoffs. You won't be able to win 6-5 games all the time.

We will see, I think he has a better team in Anaheim with more veteran types like Beauchemin, Selanne, Koivu, etc.
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