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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I would take Nate Irving at MIKE any day of the week over Arthur Brown. Irving was an All-American in 2010, and a TFL machine.

The Broncos only moved Irving to SOLB after Keith Brooking joined the squad in Aug. 2012. Brooking made the team (even though he didn't even practice), because Fox/JDR knew that Mays was a big question mark. Irving showed so much progress this year (in very limited snaps), that the Broncos switched him back to MIKE to fight for the starting job in camp (as reported by the Denver Post). There is little doubt in my mind that Nate Irving could do just as good of a job as Keith Brooking did in 2012 at MIKE (and probably much better).

He's no slouch, watch his college video. He tracks well, has minimal false-steps, delivers big hits, and often catches the ball-carrier in the backfield. Everything you want out of a MIKE. You don't just throw away guys like Irving, because he hasn't broken into the league like a superstar. I think he's going to be a big player for the Broncos in 2013. I also think Keith Brooking will be resigned at $1M per to backup at MLB. They will also keep Steven Johnson. DJ will be cut (probably this week).

All the Broncos need to do is find a backup SOLB to Von Miller, which they can find in the 5th round.

Currently taking bets that Irving will be starting at MLB in 2013...
That report you mentioned from Denver post was pure conjecture and writers opinion. I don't recall seeing anything in that article that was not journalism subjectiveness (i.e. throwing **** on the wall and seeing if it sticks). I know, because I inaccurately posted it here.
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