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Pot Roast

[QUOTE=pricejj;3796355]Sam Montgomery

Though a little part of me wants Tavon Austin. If neither one of those guys are available, trade down.
I'm officially off the LB bandwagon entirely for the first 3 rounds.
It's about time. I've been arguing against the Teo/Minter fans for months.
They offer nothing that Klein or Alonzo does'nt have and they will go in the third or fourth rnds. Really the besst prospect is Ogletree and IMO he''l be gone before we get a sniff.

T austen scare's me, like all small players. some big cb.fs. or lb is going to blind side him, he will go flying at a relatavistic speed and disappear into another dimension. Bye,Bye with our high draft pick.

As for Sam Montgomery what do you see that Beal, Jackson, or Ayres doesn't have?

I think our best bet is trade back into the 2nd, as high as we can of course,and pick some extra late round picks.

From what I see there are approximately 4 players who rank 9.0 or better.
There are about the same number who grade at 8.0 or better.
Then you have a truckload of 7-0 player who can be taken from the 20th pick in the 1st round to the middle or late 2nd round.

We'll never get a chance at a Warmack or Joeckel or any of the other higher ranked players. So we might as well trade back if we can.

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