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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
More than Sacco needs to go. Look at the talent level on this team.

Also, here is an interesting website that goes over player salaries etc. How the hell is David Jones getting $4M per year?? Unreal!

$17,419,621 under the cap. No reason we can't bring in better talent. Especially when you see guys like Jones making $4M...Kobasew with $1.25M.

Notable players Jones makes more money than: Alexander Edler, Giroux, Luke Schenn, Setoguchi, Marc Staal, makes the same as Joe Pavelski, Brad Stuart, Logan Couture, Douglas Murray, Handzus, Subban, makes the same as Jordan Staal, Travis Zajac, Zubrus the list goes on. I guess they figure after his huge 37 point season last year he earned $4M. But won't give O'Reilly his money. Jones is tearing the league up with his whopping 1 point in 9 games so far this year!

Another O'Reilly article. Its pretty much spot on. This organization is dog ****!
Lacroix needs to go but Sherman has done a solid job as Avs GM.
most of the talent the team has is due to him and Pracey since they took over.
Jones making 4 mil is about right since he was a UFA coming off of back to back 20 goal seasons.

O'Reilly got his feelings hurt and has wanted out since before the lockout but wouldn't directly tell the team til now.
he thought he'd get paid based upon one good season out of three and using defensive stats his agent claims makes him one of the top defensive players in the league.

i do hope that in 2014 Kroenke is forced to sell and the new ownership not only keeps the Avs in Colorado but cleans house completely and kicks Lacroix "Avs way" nepotism country ass to the curb.

of course, if Joey Hishon doesn't get damn near murdered on the ice a few seasons ago by McNabb this franchise looks completely different and has 4 legit top tier C types at the NHL level.
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