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Trey Gowdy

Originally Posted by ghwk View Post
I normally like your posts and agree with a lot of them but you went 100% myopic on this one. You only want to read into what the 3 of us have said to fit your own paradigm. I don't know the other guys but I can bet that like me they are reviled by what happened and wish she had killed the muthereffer. But to deny the position of he NRA, especially in view of their recent rhetoric, and how this would have been used to point out how the left is trying to disarm Americans is disingenuous. To only argue from the point that we take glee in what happened just makes you come across as being small, but you seem pretty intransigent on this point, so think what you will.
Make a choice between the following situations:

Situation 1: anonymous granny confronts home invader and would-be rapist with semi-auto high capacity gun, kills intruder with said gun after 30 shots. NRA exploits situation and publicizes this scenario as a reason to own a semi-automatic gun with high capacity magazine and vote republican. Majority of populous votes republican based only on this issue.

Situation 2: gun wielding anonymous granny is overpowered by home invader and raped in spite of her gun. Liberals successfully use situation as a reason to convince populous to vote democrat and strict gun control.

Which situation would you choose?

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