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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
You get one chance to trade Ovie, you have to do it in a year when the team is sucking and you have to put that on him. You have to challenge him to step up and let him fail. Make him captain, give him 25 minutes of icetime. Once he comes up short, you put it all on him and you ship him out for whatever you can get. Right now the only team I can see make that deal is Winnipeg, they have young NHL players, they have top prospects and tons of cap space.

A package of Blake Wheeler, Mark Scheifele, Zach Bogosian and a 1st would do it if the Caps play their cards right.
in truth and logic this is all accurate. but you are not gonna sell the Caps fan base on any of that. you trade Ovie if you want to. ticket sales, merchandise, viewership will all go in the tank.
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