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Originally Posted by orinjkrush View Post
so much of this story smells. first, if he left at 16 yrs, he either was mustered out for cause or he left on his own. nobody, i mean NOBODY, in the military does not know the retirement impact of leaving at 16. you are briefed on it. now, there used to be a graduated retirement at 15, but i don't know if its still in effect. apparently not.
second, every security company in the world would die to get an ex seal on staff, for a lot more than a chief petty officer's pay. so, what's up with that?
there has to be more to the story than what we read.
I think he thought he'd be a hero or walked into a position as an executive or consultant - if not maybe a book deal or something. Whatever it was, he expected something and didn't get it and now he's regretting leaving at 16. The answer is to get his name in the news.

Note the whole story revolves around, "Come on, I'm the guy that killed Bin Laden. Shouldn't I get something for that?".
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