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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Right here. Going to the UN for the rights to a domain name is no big deal. Symbolically it ticks of many of RP's supporters I don't really care. He's just trying to get the rights to a domain name without haveing to pay through the nose for it.

As you well know, many domain names are started buy people who have no intention of ever using the name, they just want, more or less, to be able to extort money from someone on down the road. "oh, you want this domain name, pay me $$$ and it's yours."

If I was RP, I wouldn't have gone this direction. I would have either negotiated a reasonable price or just let it go.
It is not extortion,it is our great free market system. You can't praise a free market system,then throw a tantrum when it doesn't work in your favor.
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