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I heard that there are not pro ready middle linebackers in great abundance this yr in either FA or the draft. It may not be the year to get a young middle linebacker. But Broncos may not want that. They may just look for some linebackers who can cover better, and then grab a big fat DT to shore up the early down run defense.

Still though big fat DT run out of gas at Mile High. Broncos always seem to go for the more athletic ones like Wolfe, the tweeners. I had Wolfe on my list of players Broncos would look at last yr and many people thought I was crazy.

But they like players like that, ones that can move around with really high motors.

So IMO if they go DT it will be a physically fit one with a trememdous reputation for playing hard every down. I haven't read up on this yrs draft to know who those guys are yet but IMO they won't be changing their way of thinking.

They will look for fast linebackers and athletic front 7 guys in general.
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