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I think the Nuggets can beat anyone and would give anyone a good series. That said, I don’t see them getting past the 2nd round of the playoffs. They will only go as far as Karl can coach them and they need a solid post player to step up.

Their best post-up player is Andre Miller. I think they need a big that can be counted on when the game slows down. Denver will have to keep the pace up, but that is very challenging during the playoffs. One thing to their advantage this season is they are a better passing team than they have been in a long time.

Then there is the Karl issue. He’s a good regular season coach, because he can get away with a lot of the crap he does against inferior teams during the season. Once the playoffs start, coaching mistakes are exposed and good teams take advantage. He’ll be tempted to shorten his bench during the playoffs – but I believe he should keep his bench deep with an attempt to out-pace everyone. He’s also got get over his favorites and has the right people on the floor in the right situation at the end of the game.
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