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Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
That's as good as any place to start. Elway has a formula for his draft picks. High character, high motor, leadership, experience, and production. He's shown the willingness to take chances on players with past injuries, but not past character issues. Until that changes, I'll anticipate him doing the same this year.
I think he is a businessman, that willing to take gambles, if the value is there. He probably has a pretty good idea of risk, especially how it relates to the football field.

The value in the early rounds seems to be BPA (within reason), with the addition of your before mentioned values. The later rounds it seems that the value is in taking risks on talented players that have some shortcomings (physical/injury, mental, discipline/character issues), that you hope with the help of a successful organization in a thriving and challenging environment, they can overcome.
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