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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Again with attacking the source? Listen, I don't trust anyone in the media but that doesn't mean all of the stories reported are wrong. I know MSNBC's angle before I go there for news.

One other thing, don't kid yourself, Hawkings is a very special exception to the rule. That is, if Hawkings was not one of the greatest mathmaticians of the 20th century, if he was just a regular joe, would he be getting all his medical needs met?

That's a fair question my friend.
It is a fair question about the NHS, and I don't have an answer, though I'm curious enough to look into it. My own experiences have been excellent, but I was younger and healthy.

As for the story, it was an editorial of a report, a report they didn't link.....which is always suspicious. Plus, their editorials have a history of gross inaccuracy, or downright lies.

You'd be better off looking for a summary of the report with the report linked. However, Barney James has been linked to the housing debacle for some time, so I'm sure the actual report is interesting.
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