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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I just don't think he makes an impact right away, which is why I was surprised with pricejj having him as a first round target.
I am looking for value in the 1st round. Kuper's status, and Clady's pending enormous contract have me looking for possible franchise OT's at the bottom of the 1st, in case Montgomery is off the board. If Watson can't be a franchise OT, then forget about it. Had no idea he is pushing 25 with only 20 games experience.

I think the Broncos need 2 impact starters out of their first 2 picks in 2013. Two guys that would get them over the top for a SB win. I'm looking for massive upgrades out of DE, OL, CB, and MLB.

The DT's confuse me, because even though there are some good prospects. I don't think drafting one in the 1st puts the Broncos over the top.

Te'o is on my list, because he would be a big difference maker towards giving the Broncos the ability to stop the run out of Nickel formation. He fights through blocks so well, and is a textbook tackler...even if he is a bit slow on pursuit to the edge.

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