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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
The guy may have an addictive personality, but that isn't the same as having a true drug addiction. Being addicted to pot is the same as being addicted to video games or sex. It's an impulse control issue not a true addiction. Seriously dude, marijuana isn't just "supposedly not addictive", it's 100% free of any addictive compounds. Going to rehab for marijuana "addiction" is a farce.
This article is more about nicotine, but refer to the table at the bottom. Soda and coffee are more addictive than weed.
You are talking about chemically addictive compounds, and again miss the mark on addiction all together.

An addiction, is an addicition regardless of whether its Crack cocaine which is one of the highest Chemically addictive substances or social Media. The addicition changes Brain chemistry without regard to whether the addiction has a recognized chemically addicitve drug attached to it.

This has been Marijauna's defense for years, in that it does not have true chemical marker component like most other illegal drugs. However, it can and is addictive in nature just like Alcohol. It becomes an emotional crutch and the brain responds to it just like a chemically addictive drug. The only true difference is that one use will not likely make you addicted like Heroin or Crack cocaine can do. His current useage is uncontrollable. That is what addicition is. Not some chemical component that hooks the user with only one use.

If you had worked with addicts you would have known this as well.
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