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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
I can only use the numbers on their teams webpage. That is what's currently reported.

Of course they don't have to be 6'4" and 255...that would fall outside the prototypical size I calculated

Fast offenses is why. Teams, i.e. Patriots/Broncos, are changing they way they play and forcing defenses to keep their personnel on the field. Maybe I'm greedy, but I want a MLB that isn't going to be so damn awful at pass defending that everytime he is on the field the QB can't hide his boner when a pass play is called.

I think we are arguing in circles.
We kind of are, but its good to argue again

It also goes without saying who are we talking about playing MLB. London Fletcher is a tiny 5'10 but 240. Ray Lewis was small coming out of MIA and got much Bigger. Jon Beason is 6'0 and 235. Curtis Lofton is 6'0 240. Daryl Washington is 6'2 230.

All I am saying is using prototypical height and weight is a crutch to watching these guys play. I seriously like 4 guys to play MLB in DEN and are 3 down guys, and not just a pass rusher like Von Miller is. These are guys who can cover and are not named Ogletree, Jones, Minter, or Te'o.
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