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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I agree he is still one the most talented players in the world, he is not Todd Bertuzzi who had one or two hot seasons riding the coat tails of someone else.

He does need a change of scenery, he also needs the right system, he is not a dump and chase player or a puck possession type of guy. He needs to be set up in quick transition through the neutral zone so he can move in with room to unleash his shot. I think the way the Blues are playing would be a really good fit for him but Hitch would probably not be the right coach for him.

I can't see a really good fit for him right now other than New Jersey, they play transition hockey and he wouldn't be asked to be the face of the franchise right away (it is Brodeurs team). New Jersey doesn't have the money or bait to trade for him though.

NJ is a forechecking/cycling team.....same as NY and Boston.
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