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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
They put the weight on later. Most of those guys coming out were in the 230-245 range. None have done the NFL weight gain programs yet, and some of them are damn small. And, some of their NFL listed heights are taller than their combine numbers.

Also, DEN plays a huge DT scheme up front. The MLB does not have to be 6'4 and 255. Especially when they play nickel 55% of the time. The nickel LB will get more snaps than a 2 down thumper will. And why Does DEN have to have one MLB and not a 2 down thumper and a nickel LB. LB's are cheap comparatively to other Defensive positions. As for exaggerating, maybe with 2 down MLB's, but not any other position.
I can only use the numbers on their teams webpage. That is what's currently reported.

Of course they don't have to be 6'4" and 255...that would fall outside the prototypical size I calculated

Fast offenses is why. Teams, i.e. Patriots/Broncos, are changing they way they play and forcing defenses to keep their personnel on the field. Maybe I'm greedy, but I want a MLB that isn't going to be so damn awful at pass defending that everytime he is on the field the QB can't hide his boner when a pass play is called.

I think we are arguing in circles.
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