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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Ovie has his faults for sure but I guarantee you both he is a 40+ guy elsewhere. He has been broken down in DC for various reasons some on him and some on the org.

He has checked out of here in my eyes. He does show spurts of old ovie but I think subconsciously he has checked out.

Between Leonsis/Patrick/McPhee this org is a hot mess. Ovie will blow back up in a different environment.

It's his fault as well as the org's fault, but I have no doubts he lights it up in another environment. His demise is greatly exaggerated. He had 38 goals last season under defense coach Dale hunter in limited ice time no less
2 things about Ovie that are very apparent now. Even when he was scoring, he was a high volume shooter (needing many shots to score his goals) and he was a bigger hitter (not a bone crunching hitter but he threw his weight around). As he has gotten older, he does not have the speed to get to his shooting spots (and defenses have limited his access to said spots) and doesn't hit as much (in part due to loss of footspeed). You can blame system changes on some of that but his inability to adept his game as he's aged hasn't helped at all.

These things are not going to change. Putting him on the Wings would increase his scoring chances but again because he had to shoot so much to score in the first place, would not allows mean more goals.
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