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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Can you please stop comparing his every game to that of Lavonte David. I used to rave about Lavonte David on the Colts forum as a player they needed to really impact the LB core. But he wouldn't be playing MLB there, or here! They don't have the same game to a T, they are both physical and make plays all over the field sideline to sideline, but they aren't an exact replica. David was and is a WLB. Brown has much more flexibility. This is my only issue with you, you take a stand about a player, say he's only a fit for x team in x position, when x position isn't exactly where he belongs. You either read a report that says he should play OLB, or see him listed there on Walter Foot Ball, because there's no way you watched him and were so narrow minded.
Again...lame insults. All I'm going off is what I've seen on video.

Arthur Brown is the same size as Vilma and Beason. Size with him isn't an issue. He just has too many false steps, gets blocked out of plays easily at times, and sometimes lets his feet run himself out of plays. It's somewhat difficult to envision him as an NFL MIKE. He is a playmaker, and he runs all over the place (as you've noticed). I'm looking at finer points to his game...and I've seen better the last couple years.

Compare him to a guy like Bobby Wagner and it's not even close. False-steps, and inability to shed blocks is my biggest issue with Arthur Brown. He's just not great at stopping runs for minimal gains. There is a reason he'll still be available towards the end of the 2nd round. If he could shed blocks similar to other players close to his size (Beason, Vilma, Wagner, David), he would generate more interest from me.

Inability to shed blocks is why DJ Williams could never play MLB. Some guys are just much better in space (at WILL), I think Brown is one of them.

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