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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
I never said you couldn't get guys later in the draft. What I'm saying is that the prototypical size you see at MLB hasn't changed and most MLB fit that.

You said, "Also, the prototypical size hoopla has got to go. For every guy who actually fits those characteristics, there are 4 guys who don't who get the job done on Sundays." I think we both know you were exaggerating.

Looking at the names you provided:

Navorro Bowman 3rd round SF, ALL Pro (play a 3-4 and he is 6'0 and 242)
KJ Wright Miss St. 4th round SEA, Probowler - (OLB who is 6'4 and 246)
Justin Houston Georgia 3rd rounder KC (play a 3-4 and is 6'3" and 258)
Nigel Bradham FSU 4th rounder BUF - (OLB who is 6'2 and 240.)
Daryl Sharpton theU 4th rounder HOU (play a 3-4 and 5'11 and 234)
Kavell Connor Clemson 7th rounder INDY (again play a 3-4 and 6'0 and 243)
Arthur Moats JMU 6th rounder BUF - (OLB who is 6'2 and 250)

Even the players you mention fall into that typical mold (as that groups average height/weight is 73.42" and 244.7 lbs.

BTW, my math sucked on the previous....the average height for starting 4-3 MLB is 73.57". I'll correct it.
They put the weight on later. Most of those guys coming out were in the 230-245 range. None have done the NFL weight gain programs yet, and some of them are damn small. And, some of their NFL listed heights are taller than their combine numbers.

Also, DEN plays a huge DT scheme up front. The MLB does not have to be 6'4 and 255. Especially when they play nickel 55% of the time. The nickel LB will get more snaps than a 2 down thumper will. And why Does DEN have to have one MLB and not a 2 down thumper and a nickel LB. LB's are cheap comparatively to other Defensive positions. As for exaggerating, maybe with 2 down MLB's, but not any other position.
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