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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Not me. Dead middle would be best. This is a value draft not an Elite draft. There is no superstar at all, at any position to me. However, it is deeper at really good starter level players than I have seen. I really think its going to produce a huge number of starters over time, just not many All-Pro's.

I have no one remotely near a grade of the top 4 guys the last 2 years, but an inordinate amount of guys who are getting mid to late first round grades before they run at INDY.
I agree. There's not one superstar in the bunch. Teams are going to have to really do their homework to find the value in this one. Usually, you study up on first rounders and there will be a few, like Von Miller, about whom there are no questions at all. They are the tops in every category. Nobody like that in this draft.
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