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Originally Posted by Blart View Post
Perhaps you can explain some of Ron Paul's other hypocrisies.

Why did spending in his county quadruple from 1999 to 2009? Why does spending in his district top the average per capita federal spending in 46 of the 50 states?

In 2010, when the Tea Party congress voluntarily decided to stop using earmarks, why was Ron Paul one of only 4 GOP congressmen to continue using them?

Why does he specify which contractor will get the earmark money? Why not use a more free-market solution, and let contractors bid on the job?

Why did he increase public transit spending in his own district (to the tune of $750,000) but claims to be against public transportation?

Why is he against FEMA, but demanded FEMA housing for those displaced by hurricanes in his own district?

Why did he critcise Tip O'Neill for riding around in an expensive government Lincoln Towncar, yet ended up crusing around in one himself?

Also - why did he call MLK one of his "heroes" in a recent speech, yet published a newsletter claiming MLK was a gay marxist pedophile?
I'm not a Ron Paul supporter and really don't know a lot about him other then he is the libertarian poster politician. But sticking to the issue he has no choice but to use the governing body that out govt has given jurisdiction to. It would be like saying if you think your local school board should be disbanded and everyone gets money for private school vouchers, that you think are a hypocrit if you send you kid to public school when thats all govt helps you with. You can be against FEMA even and still request money from them when your area needs it. You are stuck working with the machines the govt sets up. You can say i don't like it, try and change it, but often you are stuck with it.
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