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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Like I said, the only reason you come here is to launch hostile, out-of-control, borderline psycho rants from the Libertarian cultist perspective. I just hope you're posting from an institution, because that's where you belong.
You talk out of both sides of your face all over this forum, like most of the socialists/marxists on this board. I can happily post multiple examples if you like?

You're very similar to W*gs, where he has been shown to be both a socialist and a neo-con, you tend to filp flop over issues. Such as the bailout, where the **** did you think all that money was going? You were for it now your against it? Or in 08 when you said Ron Paul was a good guy, now you just bash. Oh noes, the draconian cuts that will be forced upon me so future generations have a dollar worth value....Well guess what, we're in a **** hole now cause you bought the bull****, you drank the government koolaid just like the Bush boys you and LABF used to bash around here. Only difference, you want to put this country in more debt then they did, that seems to be working well.

I'm sure you honestly don't know much about Keynesian theory, I'm positive you don't know **** about Austrian theory.

I'm sorry it upsets you when I call out your bull****, the lack of political knowledge, and throw in a dig here and there. You tend to be an a-hole, I can be a bigger a-hole, sorry it hurts your feelings.
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