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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
The key with Semin is to get consistency. All too often he disappeared during stretches of an 82 game season and also the playoffs.

IMO, he has the most talented skill set in the league but he has to want to play. I think it benefits him that this is a 48 game season, he shouldn't have too many lulls.

FWIW, I also believe the caps organization is mainly at fault. Sure Semin has his flaws, just like any player but the fact that he is fitting in Carolina just shows how ****ed up the caps organization is.

This is what always happens. The players end up flourishing elsewhere because the caps have no clue how to handle players. Ovie will also be a "rejuvinated" 40+ goal scorer if traded to another organization.
Granted we have only seen a small sample size, I think chemistry has a great deal of effect on a players effort level. The Hurricanes organization is notorious for getting the most out of retreads like Semin. This sort of player recycling stems from the organizations means of treating players as individuals. It starts with Ron Francis, and goes down as far as our media prognosticators ie Trip Tracy. Its my understanding that Bruce Buedro (sp?) had a great relationship with Semin, and actually felt he was one of the best players on the team. Sometimes its a locker room atmosphere too, the canes have always had a great locker room, and that could be whats in effect here. The common message in the organization has always been team.
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