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I understand this view, but I do not give it any merit. I have worked with people with addictions and addicitions are not just from drugs. In this case it is still an illegal drug that he is addicted. Not good. It's not like a social media addicition that some of these guys actually have (read Manti T'eo) that can get them in trouble.

I know the views on Pot being a drug have changed drastically in the US, and its supposedly not addictive. You explain his behavior then. Dude has the world at his fingertips, and gets caught multiple times smoking weed before he gets kicked off the team. Then gets caught AFTER getting kicked off the team. He does NOT transfer and play at a smaller school, instead he stays where he can get a hookup and smoke weed. Explain that without addiction please.
The guy may have an addictive personality, but that isn't the same as having a true drug addiction. Being addicted to pot is the same as being addicted to video games or sex. It's an impulse control issue not a true addiction. Seriously dude, marijuana isn't just "supposedly not addictive", it's 100% free of any addictive compounds. Going to rehab for marijuana "addiction" is a farce.
This article is more about nicotine, but refer to the table at the bottom. Soda and coffee are more addictive than weed.
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